Owing to renovations, the Union Hall Annual General Meeting is running late this year, however, those who attend will not be disappointed to know that Ed Lawrence will be in attendance as our keynote speaker on Thursday, June 14th at 7:00 p.m.

Ed’s presentation will be followed by reports outlining achievements of the past year and activities planned for the future, along with financial statements from our Treasurer. As always, our volunteers will be thanked and rosters will be renewed for the coming twelve months.

Union Hall, located 8 km west of Almonte at the corner of Wolf Grove and Tatlock Roads, has served the public for over 160 years. It is owned and maintained by the local community, with some financial assistance from the Municipality of Mississippi Mills. This year, visitors will be greeted by an outdoor mural, featuring the ladies of the Union Hall Women’s Institute, courtesy of local artist Laurel Cook.

Union Hall is available for use by families, community organizations and local businesses at a modest rate, as is our outdoor sign.