On behalf of our readers, the Millstone made an access to information request on April 10 (received by the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority on April 11) to both the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority for documents pertaining to the Enerdu Project. Under the Act, the organizations have 30 calendar days to provide the documents. As you will see by the responses received below, neither respected the 30 day limit. The Ministry of Natural Resources indicated there are approximatley 600 pages of records that include briefing notes, correspondence, e-mails, reports, spreadsheets maps etc. and are asking for a fee of $655 for search and record presentation. The Millstone has complained to the Information Commissioner about the delay and the excessive fees which have the effect of subverting the purpose of the act: to allow the public to see the workings of their government.

In the case of the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, they say they need to consult third parties, presumably Enerdu, to see if there are any objections. They are permitted to do so under section 27(1) of the Ontario Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The Information and Privacy Coordinator quoted s. 21 of the Act to justify the delay, clearly an error. The Millstone will pursue this matter with vigour.