Featured artists: Sarah Anderson, Carly Belford, and Jane Irwin

April 13 – May 27, 2018
Vernissage/Meet the artists: Saturday April 21, 3pm-6pm

To mark the arrival of Spring, Almonte’s Sivarulrasa Gallery is pleased to present Equinox, a trio show from April 13 to May 27 featuring works by artists Sarah Anderson (Ottawa), Carly Belford (Montreal), and Jane Irwin (Toronto). “Equinox” references the change of seasons. Technically, the vernal equinox occurs around March 20 or 21 each year, but in Eastern Ontario, Spring arrives in April and May. “Equinox” can also refer to balance and harmony – the equality of day and night – as emotional themes in our daily lives.

Carly Belford’s Bouquet paintings engage with the traditional genre of floral painting while playing with colour and texture. Individual blooms drawn from a variety of sources – grocery store bouquets, personal snapshots, and historical floral painting – are reimagined as new floral arrangements with a contemporary twist. The paintings are exquisitely layered using brushes and a variety of improvised tools, starting with transparent layers and later, impasto. Painted in the dead of winter earlier this year, these works look forward to, and finally welcome, a long-awaited Spring.

Jane Irwin’s drawings and paintings blend representational and abstract imagery. Her High Water Mark series of drawings is inspired by her observations of nature on both Toronto Island and the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland. Her gaze is captivated by objects at the water’s edge: tangled bits of netting, fish, plastic and other materials washed up on the sand by the tide. Her works incorporate crushed pop cans and other beautiful garbage. “I see great and subtle beauty in the way elements from the natural and manufactured worlds merge together”, she states.

Sarah Anderson’s oil and wax paintings use colour to explore emotional themes in family and relationships, referencing both upheavals and renewal. Her most recent works continue to explore these themes with an emphasis on changes, divisions, and the evolution of those relationships whether positive or negative. Texture is created in her paintings through the application of plaster, wax, and oil or by removing the surface by sanding, scratching, and scraping. Her works are at once nuanced and ecstatic, reflecting the turbulence and joys of everyday life.

For more information and featured works, please visit our Exhibition Webpage: http://sivarulrasa.com/exhibitions/equinox/


34 Mill St, Almonte