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LivingHealthPower of Positive Parenting

Power of Positive Parenting

by Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit


Every Kid in Our Communities (EKIOC) is celebrating Mother’s Day 2014 by acknowledging the Power of Positive Parenting by Triple P for all families within the Leeds & Grenville counties.

Parenting is easier when personal needs for intimacy, companionship, recreation and time alone are being met.  Being a good parent does not mean children or teenagers should dominate a parent’s life.  If parents’ own needs are being met, it is much easier to be patient, consistent and available to your children.  

  • Ways to take care of yourself as a parent:
  •  Exercise and eat a balanced diet
  • Good communication with co-parent
  • Ask for support from family and friends when needed
  • Make friends with other parents
  • Plan for child-free times

On Mother’s Day, Sunday May 11th, encourage all mothers to enjoy their favourite activity.  Taking time for you as a parent is an important part of raising resilient, confident and competent children. 

For more information on the “5 Steps to Positive Parenting” or other positive parenting tips or call 1 800 (660)-5853.

*Adapted from Triple P International Wall Chart “5 Steps to Positive Parenting”





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