Fire box ablaze

MAGIC OF THE WOOD KILN: wood-fired pottery and sculpture      

September 1- 27, 2015

General Fine Craft, Art and Design

63 Mill St., Almonte ON   K0A 1A0

Opening reception: Sunday September 13, 1-4 pm

The General will be exhibiting the work of six wood-fired ceramics Specialists working in eastern Canada today: Anne Creskey (Farellton PQ), Tony Clennell (Aylmer ON), Marcelina Salazar (Chatsworth ON), Raymond Warren (Maniwaki PQ), and local potters Jen Drysdale (Carp ON) and Michael Doxey (Portland, ON).

Since the pots from wood kilns have a quiet, simple aesthetic, they often get overlooked except by those who understand what has gone into getting through the process from mud to finished vessels. Wood-firing is very different from the popular technique of loading pottery into an electric kiln, setting a computerized controller and then coming back the next day to unload the resulting fired work.

Perusing pots at Pinecroft

Revered in Japan, Korea and China for thousands of years, wood firing has been adopted by the hardiest of modern-era studio potters. It incorporates the extreme heat of a specifically-designed kiln, carefully stoked with a lot of wood over many hours or days. The random effects of wood ash depositing on the forms and the path of flames throughout the kiln play an important role in the aesthetic outcome of the work.

As a way to show casual admirers what is possible with such an ancient technique, we have gathered information to illustrate how these clay artists make and fire their pottery or sculpture. It’s a powerful story we’ll tell through the use of photos, text and of course with brilliant examples of the craft from participating artists.

You can catch the “wood-fire bug” and have a chance to acquire pieces made by contemporary Canadian masters. Come meet some of the participating artists (maybe even drink from a wood-fired tea bowl!) at the exhibition opening reception on Sunday September 13 from 1-4pm.

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