Almonte Legion Pipe Band: Recruitment of New Members January 6 and 13, 2020

Is this the year you are going to learn a new musical instrument?  Have you ever wanted to join a pipe band?  The Almonte Legion Pipe Band is recruiting new members, with no experience necessary.  We will welcome new potential pipers and drummers to come out on Monday, January 6 or 13 and learn more about the instruments and the band.

Ours is a “teaching band”, which means that lessons are provided free of charge to get you started on the pipes or the drums.  Instructors will be starting new groups of learners and will explain the process and the time commitment.

We welcome musicians of all ages, and currently have many families who learn together!  We also welcome unaccompanied children (generally grade 6 and up, who are not too shy with adults) as well as unaccompanied adults!

Please call 613-256-3576 if you have any questions, or to let us know you want to attend.