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ArchivesFifteen paid staff let go from The Hub / Rebound

Fifteen paid staff let go from The Hub / Rebound

More sad news. We will be following up on this notice we received from Almonte Community Co-ordinators.

In June 2017, the membership of the Almonte Community Co-ordinators voted to look at options for temporary rental space for the Hub while a longer term plan was put into place. An additional store space in the mall currently occupied by Rebound has been secured. The plan is to combine the Hub and Rebound operations into the three units at 14 Industrial Drive by November 1, 2017.

This temporary move means that we needed to look at our current workflow processes and structure. Therefore the Almonte Community Co-ordinators (The Hub and Rebound) has made the difficult decision to provide layoff notice to the 15 paid staff at both retail store locations.  This decision was made with the greatest reluctance, but was necessary in order to responsibly restructure the workforce during the temporary relocation.

The Almonte Community Co-ordinators knows and appreciates the efforts and commitment given to the organization by staff. We are committed to ensuring staff are provided with an exit package commensurate with their years of service. Job descriptions will be redeveloped as we adapt to our new temporary space. We welcome and encourage staff to consider applying to these revised positions once they are posted.

Should you have any questions regarding the temporary relocation, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Nancy Dupuis
President, Almonte Community Co-ordinators




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