Please join us for

Finessing the Line

The exhibition continues March 27 – May 6.

Featured artists:

EIKO MAEDA (Woodbridge, ON) expresses traditional Japanese aesthetics with her technically complex and exceptionally beautiful nerikomi porcelain wares. Made with skill and subtlety of shape and line, her bowls have the softness and lightness of a blossoming flower.

ANDREA MUELLER (Ottawa, ON) is an experienced jewellery maker working with sterling silver, gold, pearls and semi-precious gem settings. Her distinctive pendants, earrings and rings reflect contemporary design ideas, often playing with geometric relationships, patterns and forms found in nature.

ERIC YOUNG (Clayton, ON) makes cutting and serving boards using sustainably harvested hardwoods found on his rural property. He has an eye for reading the wood, discerning shapes out of the flow of grain and enhancing knots, burls and bark edges; in effect, telling a story of the tree’s life.

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