Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Diana’s Quiz – April 20, 2024

by Diana Filer 1.  When did Nobel Prizes...

EARTHFEST, April 20 in Carleton Place

Second Annual EARTHFEST, April 20 in Carleton...

An Almonte baby boom

Springtime is often busy in the Almonte...
Science & NatureFor the BirdsFor the Birds and Nature: Spring is coming!

For the Birds and Nature: Spring is coming!


by Cheryl Baxter

Happy Friday to you all!

We are mid-way through March and are really starting to notice sure signs of Spring everywhere!  The Canada Geese have begun to return, the Robins are visible pretty much everywhere and the unmistakable sound of the Red-Winged Blackbird’s song is in the air!  Although there is a fresh coat of snow on the ground and the temps are well below zero today, don’t lose heart, Spring is coming!!

My feeders have been overtaken by the pesky Starlings.  I really don’t care much for them as they clean me out of my nice suet and everything they can get at!  They come in flocks of more than a dozen at a time! They do have one thing going for them however, it’s that they are pretty when the light hits their feathers the right way! The photographer in me enjoys them for that aspect. (Don’t worry, I know they need to eat too, and they do!! 😉 )

I do have one cute little Junco that showed up on March 9th.  He/she is very sweet and I know it’s the same bird as he has a couple of white specks on his cheek. (photos below)

I have been enjoying photographing the sunrises during this last month and I have included a few of these photos below.

Please enjoy my photography offerings from these last weeks.

See you in April! Happy birding!


February 26
Sunrise behind my house.
February 27
Moon, late afternoon.
February 29
March 1
Sunrise sky
March 1
Sunrise Sky
March 9
Pesky Starling cleaning me out of feed!
Perfect posing Hairy Woodpecker.
March 8
March 9
American Goldfinch in the snow.
March 9
The Starlings are pesky but pretty to look at.
I have one Junco that has been visiting my feeders.
March 9
My Junco friend.
March 9
March 10
Junco in the Snow
March 14
American Goldfinch in the snow.
March 14
Mr. Hairy Woodpecker
March 16
Mr. Hairy Woodpecker
March 16
Mr. Hairy Woodpecker
March 16
Mr. Hairy Woodpecker
March 16




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