Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Science & NatureFor the BirdsFor the Birds and Nature: Spring is STILL coming!

For the Birds and Nature: Spring is STILL coming!


by Cheryl Baxter

My last post was titled Spring is Coming! Funny thing, or maybe not so funny, is that it seemed as if Spring took a few steps backwards! We are hopefully exiting this Sprinter (Spring + Winter) season soon!

There were some lovely warmer days that got me pretty excited at the prospects of getting out there and exploring some more but that ended pretty quickly! As I am typing this I can see the snow falling outside my window!

There is a positive side to the colder weather…maybe not so much for our migrants but our local birds have been flooding the feeders. I have even had a pair of cardinals visit my yard on a few different occasions! Though, I only managed to capture a photo or 2 of the female.
Included in my offering from these last weeks is a landscape photo and some different wildlife, including a beaver swimming on the Mississippi.
I was also very excited to spot a pair of Ring-Necked ducks as well. A lifer (birds I haven’t before seen) for me!!

Also new to my feeders are the Purple Finches. I so love to see the male’s bright plumage as they sit in the trees. Along with our American Goldfinches that are quickly losing their winter plumage and exchanging for that brilliant yellow we have come to love.

Please enjoy my photos below…there are quite a few this month!
Happy Birding!


March 17
Jack Pine Trail
A Mourning Dove warming herself on my shed roof. March 23
Beautiful Red-Tailed Hawk on the edge of the 29 just outside of Almonte. March 28
A pair of Wood Ducks being coy on the Mississippi River. April 3
A Grackle singing for the girls. April 3
This male Goldfinch was displaying his disdain for the rain. April 4
April 5 A pretty doe in the field beside my house.
The foggy trail. April 12
A beaver swimming close to where I was standing on the Mississippi. April 12
Geese flying in the fog. April 12
Hooded Merganser Male – Mississippi River April 12
Very cropped photo of a pair of Ring-Necked Ducks on the Mississippi. April 12
A Cedar Waxwing. Almonte April 12
Beautiful male Hairy Woodpecker- my yard. April 15
Mrs. Cardinal April 17
Bad Hair Day. April 17
Beautiful Breeding Plumage almost complete! April 17
Pretty finches in my tree. April 18
Mr. Purple finch wondering where the warm weather is? April 18
April 18
Mrs. Purple Finch April 18
Gorgeous Male Purple Finch April 18
Gorgeous Male Purple Finch April 18
Gorgeous Male Purple Finch April 18





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