by Cheryl Baxter

Good Frosty Monday!

I am making some slight changes to this article. As the birds aren’t at my beck and call and really haven’t been overly abundant in my neck of the woods, I am going to add nature and landscape photography for your viewing pleasure.

I have had a few visitors in these last weeks to my window feeder.  I really enjoy them coming directly to my window. I highly recommend this type of feeder for this time of the year especially!

This morning while I was waiting for the bus with the little guys I babysit, I saw a gorgeous Sundog. There was sparkling light snow falling and that made for the perfect condition for a Sundog. I caught a photo of it on my cell phone (shared below).  It is very cold out there right now, but oh so beautiful!

Please enjoy my photography and see you soon!


Hairy Woodpecker-male
Hairy Woodpecker- male
Hairy Woodpecker- female
Off of Smart Street, Almonte.
Gorgeous sparkles this morning. December 11
Sundog- Cell phone photo.