Monday, April 15, 2024
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Answers to Diana’s Quiz – April 13, 2024

by Diana Filer 1.  The V2 rocket built...

Almonte Readers and Writers hosts award winning poets

by Edith Cody-Rice Last Thursday evening, April 11,...

Artificial Intelligence for Creatives, a workshop with Gabe Braden

Ever since computers became popular in the...
Classified AdsFREE: Muscovy ducks

FREE: Muscovy ducks


We have 8 wonderful young Muscovy ducks looking for loving homes with ticks.  Last fall one of our 3 mother ducks hid her clutch of eggs and hatched 8 late fall ducklings.  We have had 4 Muscovys, one male and 3 females, for 3 years and they roam during the day keeping our property free from ticks. We also have dogs and cats and have had no problems with their interaction.  Our 3-year-old granddaughter loves old Gus, our “daddy duck.”

 Muscovys are friendly with people, and unlike other duck breeds, are not water ducks so you don’t need a pond, just a small kiddy pool to wash and splash in.  We feed them chicken feed as well as their daily diet of bugs and ticks, and we herd ours into an enclosure at nightfall because of coyotes in our area.  At first, we herded them in with a broom, and now when they see my husband pick up the broom, they march, single file, into their pen on their own.  During the day they have the run of the property and have never ventured away.  They do, however, need protection in winter when temperatures go below -6.  In winter, our four live with our chickens in a big stall in our unheated barn, and on cold nights we have a heat lamp set up for them.

The ideal Muscovy numbers as pets and tick eaters are one male with two or more females (their eggs are great for baking), or 2 males alone.  

Give me a call or text or email if you’d like to come and see for yourself, and maybe adopt some of these lovely ducks.  613-316-6091  We live 20 minutes or so from Almonte.




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