Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Your StoriesFundraising for Augusta Street Park

Fundraising for Augusta Street Park

by  Cathy Gayton

Cathy Gayton and EMC reporter
Cathy Gayton with EMC reporter

I grew up in Almonte and had friends that lived near Augusta Street Park. I remember going to the park to catch frogs when we were younger. When I decided to buy a house, the one I bought was only four houses down from the park. It is a great area for a park and has so much potential. When I started my daycare, we went to the park everyday. The kids loved it, just like all the kids before them. Eight years later, the daycare kids (and my own children) are always wanting to play at the park. While there, we meet up with other daycare’s and area families that enjoy it too. Through the years there have been changes to some of the existing structures, great new things added like the community gardens, the BMX bike trail and now the bridge. There are so many more things they are wanting to do and they all sound amazing and we can’t wait. The “5 Wednesday’s in July” with food and music has been a great new adventure for the park. The community comes together as adults and children and has a great time during the week. There is more awareness about the park, where it is located, what happens at it and what friends play there. More people are coming to bring their children to play there, from all across Almonte and even from Carleton Place. The community itself is getting stronger. Everyone who has worked so hard and is planning so much for the park is making this area more and more amazing!! Well done!

I began selling Regal last October. For anyone who doesn’t know or remember what Regal is, it’s a direct selling company that’s been around for 82 years that sells almost anything in their catalogues. From kitchen products, to things for the Man Cave, to the well known greeting cards and wrapping paper. If you need a gift, Regal has it. This summer when the “5 Wednesday’s in July” began, I thought it was a great opportunity to help this very good cause. I set up the Fundraiser and ordered the Catalogues for everyone to see. My husband, Jeff and children, Casey and Shandi, helped me hand out books all over the neighbourhood and I took orders and a few donations. With every order, the park received 30% of the sales and with the help of my new customers and the supporters of our park, we raised $355.01. I couldn’t have raised the money without our generous neighbours and it was a great experience for me as well, doing a Regal Fundraiser for something close to my heart. As for next year, I will have big plans come July to keep raising money and support for our park and help continue the plans for Augusta Street Park to make it the best and most beautiful it can be for years to come so our children and their children can enjoy it, just like we did as children.


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