140 Heather Crescent
(Off Ramsey Conc. 8)
Almonte, ON

9 am – 4 pm
Saturday, July 4

Very large ceramic plant vase; pottery and ceramics signed by artist; TV stand with glass doors; foldable grey round laundry holder (never used); hula hoops; lamp shades; unique hand-painted food-safe glazed corn-on-the-cob shaped set of plates, butter holder / votive holder, salt and pepper shakers; unique handmade food-safe ceramic egg holder with hen … great for Easter centrepiece or serving devilled eggs at a party. Brand new French dictionary and other resource materials; a few novels; some Christmas decor; hand-painted papier-mache doll purchased in Mexico … great for a little girl’s room. Brand new hand-crafted real leather decorative saddle; decorative cookie tin. Cream-coloured damask-linen style lined dark-out curtains (hem them to fit your needs). And more.

Please ensure you observe social-distancing practices while attending the sale.