Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Vaia Dimas is new director of AGH FVM Foundation

Vaia Dimas, Manager of Corporate Development at...

For sale: unique table

A one of a kind table with...
LivingGardeningGardening in Almonte: A Reality Check

Gardening in Almonte: A Reality Check


All of a sudden June is knocking at the door and my completely unrealistic expectations and plans for gardening are now colliding with the limitations of my energy, budget and the number of hours of daylight in a day. It’s time to step back, say enough and glory in the bounty and beauty that is all around this time of year.

This spring has reinforced my resolve to do absolutely all I can do in the fall to clean up and prepare gardens for planting in the spring. There just is not enough time in the spring to do everything that I want to do especially if I want to combine it with another pastime such as bird watching where the peak migration period is right in the middle of spring gardening season.

It has not been great weather for planting the vegetables that like a lot of heat and that are very sensitive to colder temperatures. This week I have planted peppers and tomatoes but have been holding off on the eggplant, basil and sweet potatoes until the coming weekend. They will not freeze but they are not very happy in cold wet soil. Similarly I am waiting a few days until I sow seeds of beans and vine crops such as melons and squash directly in the soil. They will germinate slowly in cold wet soil and my concern is that the seed will rot before it germinates. This is more of a possibility in heavy clay soil.

Carleton Place Community Garden Rejuvenation

A gang of volunteers got a really good start on Saturday and Sunday on a major project to rejuvenate the Carleton Place community garden next to St. Gregory School on Townline Road in Carleton Place.  The project is being spearheaded by the Lanark County Food Bank (aka the Hunger Stop) in partnership with existing gardeners at the site. It is being funded by a grant from Sysco Food and is supported by several local businesses.

We plan to try to wrap up all the construction and spreading of soil and compost this Saturday June 3. Construction will be in full swing starting at 9 in the morning and will wrap up around noon. Come for an hour or two or for the whole morning. Drop in if you want to have a garden this season and get your choice of the best spots. Bring your wheelbarrows, shovels and rakes!





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