Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Gardening in Almonte

[David Hinks]

Lots has been happening in Augusta Park – A smaller crew assembled on Tuesday May 20 for the ‘Big Dig – Chapter III’ but we got a lot done because we had a friend show up with a shiny red tractor to help move compost, manure and top soil onto some of the larger beds and berms at the perimeter of the collaborative community gardens.



We also started our regular weekly ‘weed and learn’ on Thursday May 22 and continued to transplant the little seedlings that have been so carefully tended by our volunteers. We now have about ten gardeners tending individual allotment gardens. There are still a few available and there is absolutely no charge. If you would like to have a garden bed please let Jeff at Mills Community Support know that you’re interested. Jeff can be reached at . We are hoping that gardeners with individual beds will also join in and help with the collaborative community gardens.

The weather has been warm and settled and the forecast for the next few days appears to follow that trend so I am going ahead and planting my seedlings, even the sensitive ones, such as sweet potatoes and peppers, directly in the growing beds.






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