The Millstone runs a daily weather forecast on our home page, at the upper right, provided by the community-based Weather Underground service. This forecast is generally pretty accurate, but doesn’t tell you precisely what’s going on here in Mississippi Mills right now.

Robin Webb from the Almonte Amateur Radio Club has stepped up to address that gap. At his home just outside town in Munro Meadows he has installed an electronic weather station which send its data directly to Weather Underground. Here’s some current data from Robin’s weather station.

Do you want to know exactly how hard the wind is blowing in Mississippi Mills right now, or the actual recorded temperature? Or look back at past observations? Check out Robin’s data. He notes, “the anemometer is on the top of the house so wind data is accurate for the location (unlike some stations that are too low for good wind data).”

I’ve added a link to the forecast on the home page — ‘SEE LOCAL WEATHER STATION’ — so you can find Robin’s weather info easily in future.