Hub Hospice fundraising tree sale + tree planting seminar

Spring is here and our tree order will soon arrive for the April 29th pick-up date. If you have already purchased a tree from the Hub Hospice Palliative Care fundraising tree sale, thank you for your support!

If you have been on the fence about making a purchase, rest assured we still have a wonderful variety of fruit, flowering and shade trees. Here are several popular trees for your consideration:

A most unique specimen, the 5-in-1 Apple boasts five different grafts of full-sized apples on one tree: Northern Spire, Red Delicious, Royal Gala, Empire and Golden Delicious.

The Dolgo Crabapple is renowned for the bright red, edible fruit it produces each autumn. The Dolgo Crabapple is perfect for feeding the birds, or if you get there first, for making excellent crabapple jelly.

Temple’s Sugar Maple is a highly sought tree thanks to its dramatic display. During the spring and summer months, Temple’s Sugar Maple boasts a vibrant green foliage. Come the fall, the leaves transform into brilliant red-orange and golden yellow hues.

Available trees are all priced under $75 and include fertilizer and compost. To view the inventory of trees and to place your order, please visit

Tree Planting Seminar 

Hub Hospice Palliative Care is fortunate to call on the support of volunteer tree gurus. To give your trees the best chance at survival, Ed Lawrence and Al Potvin will be presenting a tree planting seminar.

We strongly encourage those who have purchased a tree to attend this informative session. We also welcome anyone interested in learning how to plant and care for trees to join us!


Monday, April 10, 2017
6:30PM to 8:00PM
at Mills Community Support, 67 Industrial Avenue in Almonte

Please RSVP to Peggy McPhail at

Proceeds from this fundraising tree sale support Hub Hospice Palliative Care, a registered charity providing home hospice palliative support to residents of Mississippi Mills, Carleton Place, Pakenham and North Lanark.  For more information about Hub Hospice Palliative Care, please visit