Union Hall has been a community hub since its construction in 1857 on donated land through the efforts of local farm families.

Today’s Union Hall Community Centre is a Registered Charity owned by the local community.  It is maintained and operated by volunteers. The hall itself and its exterior sign are available for rent, forming the basis for our annual budget.  Private donations and some financial support from the Municipality of Mississippi Mills supplement this income, allowing us to keep the facility available to the community at reasonable rates.

We are currently engaged in some extra fund-raising to cover the costs of much-needed renovations to make sure the facility can continue to serve the community.  As part of its ongoing fundraising efforts, the Union Hall Community Centre is offering locally-made craft items for sale.  Because both the materials and the labour have been donated, 100% of the purchase price of these items goes directly to the hall’s Renovation Fund.

Sewn items include one-of-a-kind yoga mat bags, tote bags, larger zippered bags, cushions with removable covers, placemats and aprons, all made from re-purposed materials. If you prefer, you can select from our large selection of fabrics for an item customized to your taste.

Also available are beautifully crafted wooden items, such as box trays with handles and cutting boards artfully fashioned out of various types of wood.

Until December 15th, you can check out the fabric creations upstairs on the mezzanine level of the Hub, at 118 Mill Street in Almonte.  The Hub has graciously agreed to take care of these sales on our behalf.  If you would like to consider a custom order of a fabric item, or If you are interested in purchasing a woodcraft item, please contact Linda at camponi@storm.ca or 613-808-2781.