A Gift that Grows…a Natural Choice! 
Hub Hospice Palliative Care Tree Sale Offers Wonderful Christmas Gift Ideas

As you make your way through your Christmas gift list, why not visit the 2019 Hub Hospice Palliative Care (HHPC) Tree Sale website (hubhospicetrees.com). In response to suggestions from the public, we’re bringing in a lot more shrubs and ornamentals, along with some very exciting fruit-bearing trees such as the Winter Banana Apple!

Plant it and they will come — birds and other critters, including humans, that rely on shelter and nourishment from trees. Trees have been part of the natural world for more than 300 million years. Much has been written about the disturbing number of trees that we have lost over the years, but despite this, we humans love trees…and we can do our part to increase the numbers.

Their mere presence makes us feel calmer, happier and more creative. Trees and shrubs enhance our properties, often boosting value. And we all know that trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce breathable air. On top of all that, one of the best things about these magnificent plants is that they add to the beauty of the world. Bottom line is, we simply can’t have too many trees!

So when you are thinking about Christmas gifts this year, you could go and buy the latest gadget or gizmo that will, over time, wear out or outlive its usefulness, or you could contribute in a very real way to the health of our planet, thrill your recipient and help a local charity at the same time. Win, win, win!

Imagine giving your favourite people a living legacy. Can you picture a future where you are picking apples off the tree you give your infant granddaughter and baking a pie together with the bounty? How about a stately sugar maple for your son and daughter-in-law who just bought their first home together? Or maybe your spouse would love a couple of highbush cranberry shrubs for your backyard that will attract beautiful songbirds to watch as you enjoy your morning coffee. Perhaps someone close to you is bereaved. Wouldn’t it be lovely to plant a tree — perhaps a majestic oak — in memory of their loved one that they can forever call “Grandpa’s tree”?

Order soon for best selection. When you place your orders, you can download and print a nice little gift card to pop under the tree on Christmas morning.

HHPC is so grateful for the ongoing support shown by the people of this wonderful community. We are happy to bring you this opportunity to buy great quality trees and shrubs, at great prices. Merry Christmas!