Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Reflections from the SwampGoose Lottery Update

Goose Lottery Update

Reflections from the Swamp
Richard van Duyvendyk

Dear Reader

Now for the important news in Almonte

There are still no signs of geese on or near the pond in Corkery. Soon, I’ll be out on the pond all day long looking for geese. I often sit on the lodge on the pond with my binoculars, looking for geese. Note, I sit on the lodge, not in the lodge. So far, the beavers haven’t invited me in for a coffee.

So far, 46-plus people have entered the Goose Lottery for 2024. This year, I have each day divided into morning and afternoon. A few people were moved to the next day because each day only had two spots. 

There are still many spots available, especially in April. The odds of winning and becoming famous in Almonte are significantly better than Lotto Max. Entering is free. 

Please email me at rvanduyvendyk@gmail.com. Tell me something about yourself if I don’t know you. Closing Date is February 29th. Dates between Feb.24th and April 30th are still available at the low price of “free.”

Help bring the geese and Spring back to Almonte.




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