Friday, June 21, 2024
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For sale: Pet fencing, $30

30 units  3' x  2' pet fencing:...

Yard of the Week, June 19 2024

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NewsGreen Party candidate Scott Simser's personal vision for the riding of Carleton - Mississippi MIlls

Green Party candidate Scott Simser's personal vision for the riding of Carleton – Mississippi MIlls

The Millstone asked each candidate for his or her personal vision for this riding – that is what they would do here if elected. Here is Green Party Scott Simser's response.Scott Photo 
My personal vision for this riding is to maintain its character as a caring community, with its vast swaths of agriculture and forests, as well as well-planned and well-serviced suburbs where community networking and outdoor activity is encouraged. We must prevent urban sprawl from ruining the distinct character of this riding. We can envision that the air is of excellent quality and landfills have been shrinking, not expanding, due to smart recycling technology and programs.

Everyone in this riding, as well as the rest of Ontario, should have freedom from worries of provincial deficits and debts. Everyone in this riding should be able to set up small business and medium size enterprises without excessive taxes and red tape. The high tech industry, so vital here, should be supported and encouraged. Everyone who wants a job should have one, to enable them to contribute back to society and to increase confidence in their own skills and creativity.

  At the same time, no one should be left behind. That means persons with disabilities get the respect and tools they deserve, and seniors are independent as possible and lead fulfilling lives, as they always have done. Health care is to be local and responsive, and waiting times are to be short.

We Greens cannot promise everything, but we Greens can promise to do things differently do achieve all these goals above to the best extent possible. It can only be done in partnership with the people of this riding and of Ontario.




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