Workshops and Jam groups are a great way to come out and learn in a group setting.

Below are our current running and upcoming workshops.  Sign up early as we always seem to fill the space.



Come and play in studio with others looking to re-connect with the guitar and enjoy playing a wide range of music to further skills and techniques.  For post beginners, novice and those who have not picked up the guitar for a while. James O’Halloran is offering an enjoyable hour of music for those who love to play and look for new ideas, songs and comradeship.

Cost is $15 a week with an initial eight week commitment after which monthly payments are made until you give notice and use the 4 weeks deposit notice for the last month.

To register contact Wendy at or call 613-256-7464


Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 Begins September 12th.

Continuing Flamenco is an eight week course to review the basics and continue learning the right and left hand techniques of flamenco guitarists with traditional Palmas patterns. This class will cover the terms that define the structure and form of a piece such as entradas, cierres, llamandas, escobillias, compass, falsettas and more.  James O’Halloran will be leading the returning and beginning students in the fascinating workshop.

Cost $150 FOR 8 WEEKS

Register by contacting Wendy at or call 613-256-7464  


Wednesdays beginning September 12th  7:45-8:45

Back by popular request. Join a supportive group of lapsed pickers and strummers and get your groove back on with an experienced, professional and patient teacher. This eight week course will be a fun straight forward review of the fundamentals of technique, theory and tunes. The group is small to ensure that all students get a bit of individual attention when needed.

Cost $150 FOR 8 WEEKS    register by contacting Wendy at or call 613-256-7464

GARAGE BAND with Trevor Lubin

Mondays 4:00-5:00. Beginning September 12th.

The program brings developing musicians with different instruments together as a band while having a terrific time working in the studio. Learn to work as a band as well as with PAs, recording techniques and try out your voice while you are at it.To join you need to be playing at a certain level, if you are a student, ask your teacher, if not, come to an informal audition to see if this is for you.

This is a weekly program running from September to June. The program is available for $20 a week (discount for currently registered students), paid monthly. Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals and percussion positions are available as well as room for other instruments. Performance opportunities available during the year mean that a commitment to your band mates is critical for all to develop and shine.

For more information or to register contact Wendy at or call 613-256-7464.

Have a group and want the same program for your band, contact Wendy at : or call 613-256-7464