Hatha Yoga 

With Jessie Carson                                                                           

Deepen your creativity by releasing the tension that works against simple ease in body, mind and spirit.

Jessie Carson, writer and yoga teacher, will offer a series of ten sessions beginning Friday September 29th in the St. Paul’s Anglican Church hall, 70 Clyde Street, Almonte.

Cost: $100  (subsidies and yoga mats available.)

Maximum Registration:  10 people

Jessie has taught yoga since 2002 and is adept at working with students of all levels.  She provides gentle, clear guidance to support practitioners of any age based on the needs and limitations of their own bodies.  Over the years of dedicated study and learning from wise teachers, she has come to recognize that the practice of yoga happens in small moments of understanding, connection, and peace and brings harmony and richness to one’s day-to-day life.   She accredits her son as her greatest yoga teacher by far!

This program is being offered by St. Paul’s Centre For Creative Living, www.centreforcreativeliving.weebly.com.   To register, please email cfcl@stpaulsalmonte.ca.

It’s never too late to begin!