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Letters to the EditorHeads up Baby Boomers! 

Heads up Baby Boomers! 

That’s anyone born between 1946 – 1964. If you’re a late Boomer, you’re 55 Plus; early Boomers, like me, are hitting our stride at 78.

These generations have been responsible for advocating for many of the privileges later generations enjoy now, such as regulated and affordable child care, publicly funded health care and safety devices such as helmets and seat belts. But our rallying days are not over! We still have at least one critical issue to rally for.

The facts are that:

  • Almost half of Mississippi Mills is populated with people over the age of 55. And guess what? they are getting older! (2021 census data)
  • 91% of older adults want to and intend to age in their own homes – with some help and support to maintain their activities of daily living (research from the National Institute on Aging 2022)
  • Most of these older folks would like to die at home supported by caring services and family – not in a hospital.

So then why are we letting our current provincial government pass legislation (Bill 135) that will make that unaffordable for everyone except the most well-off. Could you afford $1299.00/mth for someone to come into your home to do light housework or laundry for 2 hrs /week? We certainly couldn’t and shouldn’t have to.

The evidence from many people and researchers, much smarter than me, has shown that home-based services are the most desirable, cheapest and most effective type of care compared to hospital end-of-life care or Long Term Care Homes. Yet our current provincial government is building more LTCHs across the province while making home care less accessible or affordable. We have to ask WHY??? I think I know and it’s the same problem that the environmental stewards have already faced dealing with the Greenbelt development.

So let’s start yelling and get our rallying boots back on Boomers. This is the fight of our lives!

There are people in Mississippi Mills who are willing to take this on through the Ontario Health Coalition. This is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that provides well-researched information where you can check out these facts and get involved. I urge you to find out and join up.  Together our voices may be heard.

Very worried for my future.

Sherryl Smith, Pakenham 



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