by Mike O’Malley

From the photo, it is a Bell model 412, an updated four blade version of the Bell 212 or Huey , specifically a Canadian Armed Forces variant called a CH- 146 (Canadian Helicopter) , referred to as a ” Griffon”.
Canada operates a fleet of 98 of theses, this particular one looks to be equipped with a Wescam MX-15 electro-optic imaging system and the light is a Nitesun search light, so I suspect they were looking for something
or some one. Although uncommon over Almonte, this type of aircraft is a frequently seen at the Dwyer Hill JTF2 training center, so a training  exercise is certainly a possibility. The photo shows the same model
Helicopter on the ground, in 426 Transport Squadron markings, from CFB  Trenton, where the flight likely originated.

If it saw it’s shadow I think it means we have six more weeks of winter.