H.F.T’s 7th official Vallentyne Bake is still on for Sunday Febuary 14th, In compliance with Covid-19 regulations, they are sad to announce there will be no volunteers for this year. (You will all be missed!) However everything else will remain as we have done in the previous years, you will find their donuts at HFT Almonte, 25 Industrial Dr and the Clayton General Store.

Come support this wonderful cause, as all proceeds from both locations will be donated to the Almonte General Hospital in memory of Gord and Bill Vallentyne.

Thanks again for your ongoing support these past 7 years. See you all Sunday  Kindest regards H.F.T

Each year Ed and Doris Atwell of Healthy Food Technologies (HFT) donate the proceeds from the sales of HFT donuts on Feb 14 and they have been doing this since 2013. Donations to date $19,715 to healthcare close to home in honour of brothers Gord and Bill Vallentyne.

On Feb 14, 2021 buy your donuts at HFT for your Valentine, family and heathcare.