Highlands Hunt 2

The Highlands Hunt, a fundraiser for The Perth Enrichment Program for seniors, is on Saturday October 3 this year. 1 pm is the kids (<8 or 9 years old) race and then the main event will be from 2 pm to 6 pm at 647 Rosetta Road, Lanark, just like last year.
The Hunt is a game of speed and/or stealth where folks navigate 200 acres of highlands to find hidden stations, complete the skills, and return, without being captured by horse-mounted hunters. One can enter the game as an individual, or one can be part of a team, which gives the advantage of speed through the stations, but also requires more strategy in evasion. 
Prices are the same as last year, $30 if on your own, and $25/person for a team of at least 4. Registration will just be at the event this year, rather than via paypal. There is a little bank in Lanark, and we’ll take cheques or cash.
All proceeds (100% of everything you pay!) goes directly to PEP. All the expenses are covered by donations.
We have been planning since last year, and have set up even more fun this year! Some Human Hamster balls, some airsoft shooting, some pony rides, some food, drink and hot chocolate, besides the race.
Come on out if you want a fun afternoon in the beautiful Lanark Highlands.
More info at www.morepep.ca