Home Hospice North Lanark is in the middle of two fundraising activities, each one with a community partner. In these difficult times sharing the work makes so much sense!

Fundraising has been a challenge over the last year for all organizations that depend on it. So we’ve joined forces with Almonte Lions Club in a Rain Barrel Fundraiser and the Outcare Foundation for an online auction. We endeavour to make all of our fundraisers win-win situations by offering items that have real value so you can feel good about supporting these three organizations and enjoy your purchase as well.

You can order a barrel by simply visiting www.RainBarrel.ca/AlmonteProjects and place your order by Monday, May 24, 2021. In late May/early June your items will be delivered just in time for the summer gardening season. There is also a link on the hhnl.ca website. If you have any questions, or prefer not to order online, you can call The Lions Club at 1-833-546-6725 or email rainbarrels@hhnl.ca.

There are lots of great items left in the auction, which runs until May 16. Have a look at https://www.32auctions.com/homegardengetaway. We hope you find something you love, and thank you very much for your support! Whatever money is raised for the items we contributed, 100% of it comes back to HHNL.

If you would like to learn more about Home Hospice North Lanark and the work we do — or if you or someone you care about needs support, please visit hhnl.ca.

Thank you in advance for showing your support!