Hub Hospice Palliative Care (HHPC) is a not-for-profit registered Canadian charity funded through donations and targeted fundraising initiatives. We are a ‘Hospice without walls’.  We provide in-home palliative care support for adult clients and their families (personal residences, long-term care homes, retirement homes or hospitals).

Hub Hospice would like to thank generous business owners and anonymous donors for their support of targeted publications for our Trees for Hospice fundraiser and other initiatives.  These include posters, post cards, Christmas cards and a few that are still in the works.  The following businesses have made financial and/or in-kind donations that have made our publications possible:

  • R. Gamble Funeral Home
  • RBC Almonte Branch
  • Colby McGeachy, Chartered Professional Accountants
  • The Virtual Web Expert (Derek and Andrea Bird)
  • Wendy Rampton

Visiting services are available in North Lanark which includes the towns of Almonte (Mississippi Mills), Packenham, Blakeney, Appleton, Clayton and Carleton Place.  All services are provided free of charge.

Hub Hospice is managed by a Board of Directors.  We employ a Professional Nurse as a Coordinator, who manages our volunteer visiting program to ensure quality care for all clients.  Each client is assessed by our Coordinator to determine their needs in support of personalized care that offers choices.  Trained volunteers provide comfort, compassion and supervised support to our patients, their family and caregivers.  The Coordinator and Volunteers build relationships with clients and family based on dignity and respect with the highest regard for confidentiality.  Our visiting Volunteers undergo a thorough screening process prior to being accepted for training in a provincially designed, 35-hour education program. Volunteers are ‘matched’ with clients based on respective life experience, personality and needs.  We support family and caregivers, allowing them to perform their role.  We source or provide grief counselling and bereavement support.  We also assist with advanced care planning information and support to help in making decisions that are right for the individual.  Some of the other services we can facilitate are: grocery delivery, mobile library services, home support, sourcing beds and assistive devices, playing music, reading, help in writing letters to friends and relatives, links with clergy, access to a range of community supports, etc.

Hub Hospice maintains partnerships with related health and community care providers including: CCAC, Mills Community Support Services, Acute Care Centers, Physicians, Pain and Symptom Management services, etc .  HHPC is a member of the North Lanark Palliative Care Network and we collaborate with representatives from Acute Care, Long-Term Care Homes, Community Services, North Lanark Community Health Services, other Hospice Programs in our region and the Ottawa Valley Family Health Team.

Education is also a strategic focus for Hub Hospice.  Our education initiatives are directed to support our staff and volunteers, as well as the community at large

No special referrals are required for patients with life-threatening diagnoses.  Referrals are welcomed from all sources.  For more information please visit our Website at: