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NewsHydro revenue sharing

Hydro revenue sharing

A significant bone of contention among Mississippi Mills town councillors is the question of sharing the revenue from the Brian J. Gallagher hydro generating station at the bottom of the Almonte falls. On October 27, councillors met for the third time to work out a formula to reallocate revenues from the hydro station to all wards.The Mississippi Mills Chief Financial Officer Rhonda Whitmarsh presented data showing that if the hydro revenue was applied pro rata to debts, with the largest share going to the biggest debt, the waste water treatment plant would receive 55% of the revenue with 45% going to other debts. She considered various revenue splits and indicated its effect on hydro bills.

Councillor Shaun McLaughlin  noted that the debts presented did not include the septage fee which is currently paid by a tax levy on rural residents and therefore is technically not a debt. Discussion showed that the majority of councillors, including the two Almonte ward councillors, think that reveue should be applied to all aspects of the waste water treatment plant equally.

No decision was reached and the next meeting concerning this issue will be scheduled in January 2012 at the earliest.




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