An inventor who says that he has a method of generating many more megawatts of power without touching the Mississippi River will be demonstrating his product tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. at the Equator Coffee Roasters shop. Thane Heins calls his invention Regenerative Acceleration Generator (ReGenX) Technology and explains it as the flip side of Regenerative Braking which is used in electric vehicles (EV) to recharge the batteries while slowing down the vehicle. He says that his  technology is unique in that it reverses this paradigm and does not slow down the electric vehicle when it is recharging the batteries, so the EV can recharge itself while driving and be recharged virtually 100% of the EV use.

According tto Heins, the technology was developed at the University of Ottawa from 2008 – 2010 and is now being commercialized worldwide, in India, the UK, USA and currently under evaluation at BMW in Germany.

Heins says that this new generator technology in concert with a hydro-kinetic turbine  developed by Mike Brace Tech Editor of EV World, which can be manufactured in Almonte by Canadian Hydro Components, could be submerged under water on the bottom of the Mississippi River. There it could produce hundreds of of megawatts of energy for Enerdu without any new power stations, dams or construction completely out of sight of all residents, with zero environmental impact


 Heins provided the Millstone with an explanatory video