Too often we hear harsh comments about our governments. 

 "Back off government" states the signs of the Lanark Landowners Association. I am sure that wealthy and powerful people in sections of Toronto love to hear that! No need to increase government services. Yes, they can say, we who are rich can continue to benefit from low taxes and weak environmental controls over our corporations.

 So, is Lanark in poverty? Yes. According to census data, we are among the poorest people in Ontario. After 150 years of Conservative control, this is where it's at. Politically, Conservatives will not press for fundamental changes because they figure they have a lock on the riding. Will an opposition party help? Why really fight Lanark fights when there is so little support? Some of us have tried. Change will come only when Lanark rises up in determination to get a fair share of the pot.


Jim Ronson, Perth