About 1,400 people subscribe to the daily email version of the Millstone. Some of you — but by no means all — have not been receiving that email lately.

And I’m not sure why not. The daily email is sent via MailChimp, by far the biggest provider of such services. They’re usually quite reliable — but their support is lousy. I have a ticket open with them but have heard nothing back so far.

I see that this issue arose around the same time that the GDPR privacy regulations were imposed on European Union countries, in late May, and I suspect the issue is related to that. Even though Canada is not in the EU.

I also appreciate the ironic fact that readers who aren’t receiving their daily Millstone emails won’t receive this post either. But if you’re reading this and have a friend or neighbour who is wondering what happened to their daily email, please pass this on to them.