It’s a walk skate in the Park!

Years ago a clever graffiti artist “tagged” Augusta Street Park. Left behind on the concrete abutment where the creek leaves the park and scoots under Mercer Street, were the simple words, “We play endlessly.” And play we should! Endlessly, often, throughout the year, outdoors, daily, with our friends, and with our family. I suspect it was a young person who left this simple but profound message. Kids need to play and they know it and no matter what we do as parents, kids are going to play. Dr. Mark Tremblay, the director of the Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group at the CHEO Research Institute and a lead author of a Participaction report card released in June gives Canada poor grades when it comes to the physical activity of children and youth. In the June 10th issue of the Ottawa Citizen, Dr. Tremblay stated, “The biggest risk is keeping your kids indoors.” We know the endless play kids engage in indoors. Most includes a screen and has no physical benefit.

We also know that neighbourhood kids around Augusta Park have been “flooding” the Friends of Augusta Street Park with requests for a skating/hockey rink this winter. Creating an outdoor rink should be much easier this year given the newly paved and level basketball court (thanks to the NBA, Hub and Civitan Club) and the park’s new winter water service. To make this happen we’ll need some help!

The Friends of Augusta Street Park invite you to join a conversation on how we can create a rink for our kids. Join us on Friday November 13th at 7:30 in the gym at Almonte and District High School.                    

If you can’t join us that evening but are interested in helping send an email to Calvin Murphy— and remember in Augusta Street Park ,We play endlessly!”