JazzN Oct 2015

Our October 24th concert is turning into a fun, fall interlude. You see, our musical guest is the Robert Fontaine Quartet, fronted by Robert Fontaine – witty, irreverent CBC movie critic, author and, yes, jazz drummer!

Robert has a wonderful evening of music planned, themed around “Jazz Goes to the Movies” – those captivating musical tracks we all know, plus some less known ones. To help with the ambience, we thought we’d invite you, our guests, to bring along a snack – savoury or sweet – that speaks to the soundtrack of your favourite flicks. Easy ones would be “The Big Swallow” (1901), “Babette’s Feast” (1987), “Felicia’s Journey” (1996) or our culinary favourite, “Chocolat” (2000)! With too many movie food moments to list, we offer this link as inspiration: www.lib.berkeley.edu/MRC/foodmovies.html.

In exchange, we have also invited Robert to bring along some copies of his book “True Confessions of a Film Critic” for sale and signing.  On the theme of feasting, maybe Robert will bring copies of his earlier work, “Movies Ate My Brain”! Either way, we hope we can do a mini reprise of his 2013 Mill Street Books’ “True Confessions…” promo between fine sets of Jazz Goes to the Movies.

To reserve seating, go to www.jazzN.ca. Seating is limited.