Sunday, July 14, 2024
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LivingFood and DrinkJessica’s Syrian Food now at Baker Bob's!

Jessica’s Syrian Food now at Baker Bob’s!

Nour and Khodor Jarous are delighted that their Syrian food is now available at Baker Bob’s on Little Bridge Street.

The dishes they’ve chosen to sell include a number of small, tasty, vegetarian snacks: hummus and baba ganoush, falafels and pastries such as cheese pie, spinach pie, zaatar pie and marea vegetarian. Each item has a delicious blend of Arabic spices and can be eaten on the go or added to complement a meal.

The couple are Ontario-certified in Food Handling and Safety and are building a promising catering business, called Jessica’s Syrian Food in Mississippi Mills. They cater small personal gatherings, large business luncheons and have been asked to do weddings. Their reputation continues to grow with rave reviews about the quality of the food they produce.

Millstone readers are very familiar with the wonderful array of baked and other goods available at Baker Bob’s. Now you have another reason to sample his tasty food. Khodor and Nour are incredibly grateful to Baker Bob for the opportunity to become part of his business. When on Mill Street in Almonte you may want to pop in to Baker Bob’s. The mouth-watering aromas and delicious tastes will convince you that it was well worth the trip!




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