Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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News'Jessica's Syrian Food' seeks start-up funding

‘Jessica’s Syrian Food’ seeks start-up funding

We’ve been told about a GoFundMe campaign to help Almonte’s Jarous family put their catering business on a more solid financial footing.


Readers will recall past stories in the Millstone about Noor and Khodor Jarous’s success in offering a range of Syrian food at the Farmer’s Market since arriving in Almonte earlier this year.

The couple and their two young children settled here with the help of a local sponsor group as part of the federal government’s commitment to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada.

As we reported back in January, “The Jarous family spent three years in the Bekka Valley in Lebanon after fleeing Homs in Syria, which experienced some of the worst fighting in that country’s civil war. They lived for three years with 12 other people in a church basement the size of a large Canadian kitchen — one room with one toilet, not close at hand.”

I see that the fundraising campaign has already met its modest $1,000 goal, but it sure would be nice to do even more to help ensure this hard-working family flourishes in their new home. You can contribute here.




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