Cross-Cultural Connections with the Land
Reconciliation Through Shared Commitment
to the Continuation of All Life.

On July 21st, you can both participate in an unusual learning experience, and make a concrete difference to the life of Indigenous youth here in Lanark County.

Mississippi Mills All My Relations is sponsoring an educational event in partnership with the Indigenous organization Plenty Canada to raise funds for Plenty Canada’s Cross-Cultural Youth Program.

  • Traditional Algonquin Opening Ceremony with Elder Larry McDermott.
  • Indigenous wisdom keepers and non-Indigenous science experts collaborate in Knowledge Sharing Circles, focusing on forestry, wild rice, invasive species, and Algonquin cultural teachings.
  • Traditional Algonquin lunch and opportunity to explore the Mòkinàn Arts Exhibit with paintings by Lanark County Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth artists aged 12-19!
  • Also you can sign up for a special workshop with Algonquin master birch bark canoe builder, Chuck Commanda, learning hands-on techniques, and create your own miniature birch bark canoe to take home.
Our Wisdom Keepers

Larry McDermott, Algonquin elder, is an ambassador of Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation, Executive Director of Plenty Canada, and lead elder at the Silver Lake Pow-Wow this year. He will be conducting opening and closing ceremony, and leading a knowledge-sharing circle on Algonquin cultural teachings, including the four sacred medicines.

Chris Craig, Algonquin wisdom keeper, is a member of Algonquins of Pikwakanagan, and a senior forestry technician with South Nation Conservation. He will guide us on our walk through the William Commanda trail, and share knowledge on the healing powers and cultural significance of plants and trees.

Chuck Commanda, Master Algonquin birch bark canoe builder, will share knowledge on the historical significance of the birch bark canoe, and the natural materials harvested from the forest that are used in the process. Attendees of his workshop will be working with birch bark and spruce root, creating their own miniature model of the birch bark canoe.

Event Details:

Plenty Canada 266 Plenty Lane, Lanark
Saturday, July 21, 2018   9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Registration: Tickets

$35 for knowledge sharing circles, traditional lunch, and art exhibit
$50 for knowledge sharing circles, traditional lunch, art exhibit, and birch bark canoe workshop
To register visit the Mississippi Mills All My Relations website at: