ARTISTS:  Kerry Stothers, Oil Portraits
WHERE:  Chambers Gallery, 3131 Old Perth Road, Mississippi Mills Administration Building, Almonte
WHEN:  Wednesday, October 8, 2014 to Tuesday, November 5, 2014
Kerry Stothers
Kerry Stothers photo 1
Kerry Stothers photo 2
Kerry Stothers photo 3
 About Kerry Stothers

My name is Kerry Stothers. Please call me Kerry.

I live in a cottage on a little lake near the lovely village of Lac Des Loups, Quebec. Here, with the lake on one side and the forest on the other, and with my partner Dave and my dog Mika, I enjoy the beauty of nature and paint as often as I can.

I have always been interested in portraiture. I began learning to paint when I was twelve under the tutelage of Norman Brown at Jon Williams studios in Calgary. During that time I studied the works of master portrait painters such as Vermeer and Rembrandt. Later, I went on to take a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Calgary, which I received with distinction thank you very much.

In my early twenties, I moved to Ottawa where I expanded my artistic horizons to include doing public art, painting murals for commercial and residential clients and working with museum display companies. My museum work consists primarily of paintings, sculpted objects and faux environments and can be seen in museums across North America, including the Smithsonian Museum, the Museum of Civilization, the Signal Hill visitor’s center Newfoundland and the Founders’ Hall Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Although I enjoy the variety of work and the new skills I’ve developed working in the museum industry my passion remains in portraiture.

There’s just something about a face; the look in the eyes, the emotion, the personality that comes through in the nuances of facial expression and body posture. What sort of a life has this person had? What are they thinking? What do they want? When I paint someone it’s as if I am one with them for a time. If they are happy, I feel their joy as I paint them. It is a uniquely intimate experience and extremely rewarding.

As well as painting portraits I also teach drawing and painting with the city of Ottawa. Hopefully I can offer to others at least something of what I’ve received from my mentors through the years.