Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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10th Anniversary AGH Run for Women’s Health, June 10

10th Anniversary AGH Run for Women’s Health Saturday, June...

Vallentyne Bake, Tuesday, February 14

Mark your calendars for H.F.T's 9th Vallentyne...

2 bedroom furnished apartment for rent, downtown Almonte

Two-bedroom, one-bath fully furnished apartment for rent...
LivingHealthKnitting together kindness and comfort

Knitting together kindness and comfort

New group knits together kindness and comfort to support clients of Home Hospice North Lanark

A casual conversation over coffee at Equator Coffee Roasters between two friends, Jan Watson and Kathryn Stevens, a few weeks ago has morphed into a new knitting group!

Jan asked Kathryn if she might know of any knitting groups in the area who might be interested in knitting shawls or lap blankets for clients of Home Hospice North Lanark (HHNL). Immediately Kathryn said: “I don’t know of any groups, but we could start one!” And that was all it took.

Back at Equator a week or so later, Kathryn brought along her friend, Renate, to discuss their ideas, including what they would knit, where the yarn would come from and so on. They were on a roll.

Out of this has come a new knitting group called the “Comfort Crew” who right now has 4 members, but they’re looking for more members to join them. They plan to meet at the Almonte branch of the Mississippi Mills Public Library on Tuesdays around 11 a.m., so if you are interested in knitting and enjoying some social time while doing so, simply drop by the Library and ask for Kathryn and her Comfort Crew group.

We have earmarked some of the funds we received from the OutCare Foundation to purchase yarn from Textile Traditions in Almonte, which will be used to knit 6 comfort shawls per year that can also be used as lap blankets.

Thank you to Kathryn and her “crew” for taking this on. We know that our clients will be grateful to receive them. Nothing is as special as something handmade with love.

What was a question from one friend to another over coffee has now taken on a life of its own that will benefit folks in our community, gather friends together for a social time over knitting yarn and needles and there could be strangers who may join the group and become friends with people they previously did not know!

If you or someone you love needs support from HHNL, you can visit hhnl.ca for information, or email info@hhnl.ca or call (613) 406-7020.




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