By Leigh-Anne Giardino

Getting to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida for 36 people with varying ranges of disabilities, has been a 3 year project in the making. The people attending this trip have been saving their money for just as long and in some cases longer than those 3 years. For some, it’s the first time on a plane, for others it’s the first time away from their families.

developmental disabilities

A project like this, takes a team effort. Not only does the team consist of 7 dedicated staff who volunteer their personal time beyond their 7.5 hour work day, but also the caregivers, family members and friends who collectively help them save their money, research support needs, facilitate their travel, be their voice and help them achieve their goal of having a vacation with their friends. Something many of us don’t even have to think about.

Imagine how easy it is for those of us who do not face developmental or physical challenges, to plan our holidays. Sure we may not always have the money, but even a simple inexpensive trip for us, always costs more for those who cannot go alone, or plan for themselves.

It is with this trip that we have hit a snag! The Canadian Dollar is at the weakest it’s been since 2008. The money that people have saved for the past 3 years has been hit hard by the US exchange. Each traveller is losing 30% before the plane even takes off! The staff of Lanark County Support Services are committed to fundraising the deficit. We will get those 36 people to see Mickey Mouse!

For this reason Lanark County Support Services has just launched a GOFUNDME.COM online fundraising campaign.  makes the donation process very user friendly.

Lanark County Support Services, is a non profit organization. Through the various components of Lanark County Support Services (Activity Centre, Life Skills, Transition Support Services) the organization provides adults/youth with developmental disabilities the opportunity to become more independent in the community, work and in the home through individualized, person focussed instruction.

Every single person attending this trip, has a volunteer job placement within their community. They work hard and are so proud of what they do! Please help us give them the vacation they deserve!

Anyone interested in donating to this worthwhile cause can follow this link:

The process is simple, and you will be helping make some very real dreams come true.

People who cannot give financially but would still like to help, can do so by spreading the word and forwarding this information and donation link to others.

On behalf of the staff and participants of Lanark County Support Services, Thank You for your support!