Lanark County Tourism LogoFirst bilingual cycle map that encompasses the entire County

The Lanark County Tourism Association is pleased to announce the launch of the first ever bilingual County wide cycle map. To date cycling information in the County has been fragmented and the map will be the first time that all communities are linked together. With a focus on creating unique experiences Lanark County businesses will be working to become certified cycling friendly, through Ontario by Bike, creating a network of businesses that together enhance our regions cycle tourism product.

“Cycling is a growing market worth millions of dollars that gets directly injected into our communities. The goal is not to simply produce a cycling map but to cultivate and develop a new sustainable tourism sector in Lanark County”, said Bob Mingie, Chair of the Lanark County Tourism Association.

Lanark is only a few kilometres from Ottawa but far enough away to take cyclists to the gentle pace of pastoral back roads, rolling hills and limestone farmhouses, food offerings that vary from local cafes, craft breweries and farmers’ markets to fine dining and welcoming accommodators who are happy to open their doors and provide friendly hospitality. Whether visiting the County for an afternoon, day or an overnight stay, the experience is bound only by the imagination.

The cycling maps will be distributed through a variety of networks including information centres, participating County businesses, bike and sports stores in Ottawa/Gatineau, cycling clubs, bike shows through Ontario by Bike and on line at Lanark County Tourism and Ontario by Bike.