Earthbound Coffins makes handcrafted, eco-friendly coffins from Lanark County timber. We use locally sourced materials and suppliers. We even make the rope handles together with a local craftsperson.

We provide the customer with peace of mind that they have had a minimal ecological footprint, that they are strengthening community and that their coffin has a connection to this place they hold dear.

We are a small family-run business. We lead a simple life and keep that model for this business. The coffins are made in our workshop.  The offcut wood heats our workshop, wood shavings are re-used as lining or used for our horses and chickens, even the wood ash is used in our vegetable garden.

Non-toxic glue and minimal hardware make these pieces biodegradable. The wood is sanded to a fine finish.

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Donna Klassen started Earthbound Coffins to provide an alternative, eco-friendly option for people who desire a more simple, green burial.