People of our community, whatever their age, share many common aspirations:  to learn, to help, to have fun, to reach goals, to meet and be with others; to meet challenges, to do something that makes a difference, to share or teach talents or skills and to be treated fairly, with respect and dignity

Mills Community Support, with funding from the United Way, has developed a novel partnership with the Mississippi Mills Youth Centre to foster and support community members of all ages, to interact and share positive experiences.  We are doing this through the Forever Young Project which aims to bring youth, adults and seniors together through regular weekly activities.

Forever Young builds on intergenerational programming previously offered by the Youth Center, that has been enjoyed by so many. For instance, community members have generously volunteered time with youth at summer day camps and after-school programming. There they shared their life wisdom, experiences and practical tips in areas such as nature, knitting, dancing, gardening, canoeing and cooking.

The Forever Young project offers more of these opportunities, more frequently and consistently.  There are so many ideas to make two-way learning happen between youth and seniors. One idea could be seniors teaching youth to play and enjoy Euchre while in return learning how to use their cell phones or other technology devices more effectively.

Another idea would see supervised youth helping seniors at their homes in practical ways such as raking leaves or shovelling snow.  This would give youth the chance to learn about what it takes to maintain a house or property while interacting and chatting  with community members that they may not typically or frequently spend time with.

Workshops or programs within the Forever Young project may lead to tangible products by building a shed, making a meal, blanket, pottery, or art while activities may bring all ages together for a bike ride, a game of lawn bowling or tennis, a scavenger hunt, or trip to a museum. The sky is the limit for activity possibilities and what we can achieve together!

The Forever Young program launch is Thursday October 18, 2018, 4:00 – 6:00 pm at the Mississippi Mills Youth Centre, Main Street in Almonte.  

We welcome people of all ages to come and help us create a great list of fun and unique activities and partnerships that will make Forever Young a vibrant project.  Forever Young helps youth and people of all generations give, receive, teach and learn from, with and between each other.  Everyone can have the opportunity to notice, share and appreciate the gifts, strengths and perspectives that they and others have. Together we can all be Forever Young!