Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Diana’s Quiz – January 28, 2023

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In October, we put out a call for 800 bags and you doubled that to 1600! (See our call for help in the Oct 12 Millstone News). Took the last delivery of 3 bags yesterday.  The 2nd 800 bags have been shared with the Just Good Compost project (400) and with Alberto Suarez’ farm in Pakenham (400).

Ready and waiting for leaves to fall.

This is a big thank you and shout-out for all your diligent bagging work.  Special mention goes to Larry for 6 trailer loads. It was a buzz to meet so many of you. The relatively dry weather totally cooperated and has allowed us to save a lot of leaf collection bags for a 2nd or 3rd use next year.

Filled 28 cubic metres (14 tons) in bioreactors ready for fungi fun.

Huge thanks to the processing team Mike, Lloyd, Rachel, Hayden, Doreen, and Jimmy and a double special thanks to Mike Pitcher for a creative year of planning and preparation.

Hope you all feel good about gas saved on delivering to just 1 km from the round-about instead of 10.4 km to the Howie Road Depot.

More? Take a look back at Maynard’s article in the Nov. 2016 Millstone archives.

Scott Hortop




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