Monday, May 29, 2023
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LivingHealthLet’s talk Golf Injuries - Part 1

Let’s talk Golf Injuries – Part 1

profile-picby Dr. Jennifer Fergusson, Chiropractor

We often consider golf a gentle and relaxing sport but in actual fact when you hit the course for a round of golf you can walk up to 7 km and carry a bag that weighs 20-30 lbs. A swing speed of 160 km/hr in 1.21 seconds impacts the body with forces 8x that of your body weight! That’s a lot of force. It’s no wonder injuries abound when we hit the fairway without the proper conditioning and preparation.

Golf is a unique sport in that it requires unilateral and repetitive motions of the body. This along with explosive speed is a combination that increases the risk of injury at several regions of the body.

Let’s take a look at the spine.

Rotation required for the golf swing should come from the mid back or thoracic spine. Often this region of the spine is restricted due to poor posture, tense muscles and dysfunctional joints.

 Try this test –  this easy home test comes from the ‘free online golf tips’ website.

Stand with your hips and shoulders square and hold your golf club across your chest. Rotate your shoulders to aim the club handle directly between your feet. Keep the hips and knees square. Now try rotating the opposite direction.

Golf Injuries

If you cannot achieve the full rotation you may be more susceptible to shoulder and low back injury. These areas are responsible for compensating for a lack of rotation in the thoracic spine.

Feel free to drop by our clinic for more information on stretches and exercises to improve your conditioning for the golf season.

Remember…you can buy all kinds of equipment with the hope of improving your golf game but a well-conditioned golfer is one thing that you can’t buy at any proshop. Happy Golfing.

Stay tuned for Let’s Talk Golf Injuries Part 2

Dr. Jennifer Fergusson graduated Cum Laude with Clinic Honours from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. She maintains a family practice in Almonte at the Hands on Healing Clinic.Chiropractor logo




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