by Edith Cody-Rice

Reader Arnie Francis noted during a trip to Arnprior yesterday that all Liberal election  signs along Highway #29 had been hacked in two, rather systematically. The Millstone noted a similar phenomenon during the federal election. Liberal signs were torn down around Almonte. This smacks of dirty tricks, although, of course it may be pure vandalism without political motive. It is noteworthy that only Liberal signs seem to suffer this fate which only has the effect of making voters angry at other parties, whom they may suspect, justifiably or not.

 We are going to choose a government of Ontario in October. It would be taking the high road, be properly democratic and be more productive for all parties if candidates were allowed to advertise freely and fairly without interference. We want to choose the best party on the basis of policies, and not be distracted by such juvenile behaviour.  Tearing down signs is a childish gesture and only serves to attract sympathy to the party whose signs suffer this fate. Think about it.