Baby Time online

Thursdays 1:00 – 1:30, starting in May

Through singing, rhyme, reading, tummy tickles and physical activity, you and your baby learn pre-literacy skills and connect with other parents. A fun and lively half hour! Ideal for babies up to 12 months.

Please contact Monica at for information on how to connect.

Borrow e-books & audiobooks online with your library card 

If you’ve NEVER borrowed e-material before and don’t have the software on your device, the following is a “how-to”, including where to get help

Easiest way to borrow online

Go to this link to download Libby Overdrive software on your device (tablet, phone).

Once Libby is on your device, follow the prompts (choose Mississippi Mills Public Library and enter your library card # – see important note below). You can now search & borrow (download) books & audiobooks from Libby on your device!

For e-readers & desktop computers that don’t support Libby

To download e-books for use on an e-reader or your desktop/laptop, you need to download and install Adobe Digital Editions. Once installed go to Overdrive, sign-in, then search and download items to your device. Choose Mississippi Mills Public Library and enter your card #

If you don’t want to download any software to your device, you can still sign-in to the Ontario Library Service site with your library card and read the publications you choose directly on your browser (no downloading necessary), more info. This option only works when you are online. (If you install software, as above, and download items, then you can read anytime – online or offline.)

Important note

When you sign-in to Libby or the Ontario Library Service, choose Mississippi Mills Public Library and use your library card number. If your card number begins with 2 (the new cards), OMIT the final digit on your library card when you sign-in.