In 2010, local resident Jennifer Kingsley, an experienced canoeist and traveller in northern Canada was invited to teach at a new fly-in university called the Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning. Dechinta means "bush" in Dene languages. She returned in 2011 to prepare a documentary about this school for CBC's The Sunday Edition. Her documentary was broadcast on Sunday, October 9, 2011, and it is called New Tribe. We thought that Millstone readers would be interested in the story. It is a great coup for a young documentary maker to be accepted by CBC for such a prestigious program.

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Dechinta Research and Learning Centre

 To learn more about Dechinta, look at the video on the website of the northern monthly magazine Up Here. Jennifer also wrote a piece about Dechinta for the magazine's September 2011 issue.

And here is a 2010 CBC news item on Dechinta's inaugural year.